Meet the Team


Photo of Denise Edwards   

Denise Edwards is a founder member of IDEAS and TESC. She is a qualified teacher and counsellor.

As a teacher, she specialised in working with students who have learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia, autism and behavioural difficulties.  She has post-graduate qualifications in these areas and is studying MA Autism at Sheffield Hallam.  

As a counsellor, Denise worked privately and for the NHS. She worked using solution-focused therapy with adults newly diagnosed with autism.

She is the author of ‘Providing Practical support for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder’ published by Jessica Kingsley, which is based on her experiences as a professional and as the mother of an autistic son.
Pauline Counsell   

Pauline Counsell is a member of the training team. She has an adult autistic son. She is a founder member of and plays a major role in running TESC (Tuesday Evening Social Club).

 Jan Domleo


Jan Domleo has 30 years experience of autism, through family members and others in the wider society. She helps to run the social clubs every week.

She plays a major role in running the Peer Support Group which now meets at the Harris in Preston.

 Photo of Emma Loughlin Emma Loughlin is on the autistic spectrum. She is a presenter on the awareness training and really brings the subject to life. She lives in flat with her dog, Marley. She volunteers in a charity shop and gives talks about living with autism.